Freud's theory of Psychoanalysis

Sigmund Freud. Ziyar MD

Freud pioneered Psychoanalysis based on the influence of unconscious conflicts on adulthood behavior, there is some controversy in some areas of his theory however. 

The three structures of psychic are:

1. ID: Operates on unconscious level, acheiving immediate gratification such as violence, agression, sexual drives, nurishment, and grandiose fantasies without and regard to the consequences of actions. Mostly animal process on this level. It is believed that childhood events and unconscious conflicts often resulting in sexual urges and aggression with dire experinces in adulthood.

2. Ego: Operates on unconscious and conscious level, with main function of reality testing and mediating between ID and Ego.

It gives reality testing and awareness to individual of the actions and consequences of actions. It utilizes defence mechanisms, some mature and some immature to ward off anxiety and fear.

3. Superego: Operates mostly on conscious level, has two main functions, reward and punishment.

Superego is like a governer of psychic and represent higher level of individual's moral and personality.

superego has to do with morality, some believes, it begins with parenthood and internalization of moral code.

It reward the individual for moral actions and punishes individual for immoral actions, creating guilt feeling in person.

Latif Ziyar MD

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