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As a matter of fact, every specialty has some mortality, for Psychiatry, one of the unfortunate loss of the patients can be suicide. In USA the suicide rate has been increasing steady in the past several years due to many reasons. 
Suicide is a selfish act in and of itself, almost every religion prohibit suicide. When a person kill him or her self, it is hard on the Physician and the family alike. There is some mixed feelings associated with any suicide, among them is significant guilt and the family is looking for a culprit to get rid of the guilt feeling, the very first person comes to mind is the Physician to blame. In reality the Psychiatrist does not have a “crystal ball” to predict, when a particular patient will commit suicide. Although every Psychiatrist must be aware of high risk patient for suicide, for instance, it is common in white elderly men, previous suicide attempts, current suicide ideation, intention or plan, poor social support, drugs and alcohol abuse to name a few and needs to be fully evaluated during the patient’s assessment.


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